Search Engine Advertising Platforms have become incredibly complex to master.

As a marketer, you're probably being asked to spend more time learning other channels so you can increase reach; but your PPC campaigns still require constant attention. Often you are the only set of eyes looking at the account (!) Because of the complexity of the advertising platforms, it is extremely easy to miss critical details and make costly mistakes; SEMCopilot is filled with features to make your SEM campaigns more manageable - and higher performing.


Reduce Wasted Spend

Automatically sort search query reports into actionable categories. Identify geographic, question-oriented, and commercial terms, as well as potential negatives…and *positives* to add to your account.

Protect Your Brand

Quickly identify whether your display ads are running on sites that could expose your brand to criticism on social media, including inappropriate Viral Amusement sites, Political Sites, Dating Sites, and many other categories.

Control Your Spend

Forecast projected spend for the month based on history and current month performance. Mark campaigns for pausing and simulate the impact your actions will take ahead of time.  Receive alerts when your spend rate is too high…or too low, before it’s too late to take action.

Ensure Campaigns Run Smoothly

Check your landing pages for common problems including: ♦ Redirects (which can cause gclid tracking problems) ♦ 404 errors ♦ “Soft” 404 errors ♦ Common error text such as “Sorry”, “Error”, etc.

Catch Problems Early

Receive alerts prior to exceeding budget limits, and when landing page problems are found. SEMCopilot acts as a “second set of eyes”, alerting you to problems early, so you can prevent problems from affecting account performance.

Get Systematic About Your Work

Track your work and ensure tasks are completed. SEMCopilot archives the tasks and acts as an “organizational memory” for your account. Print lists of completed tasks to display “evidence of industry” to clients, or your manager.
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