How does SEMCopilot integrate with Google AdWords?
You install one script in your AdWords account, which then automatically sends SEMCopilot all the information needed to generate reports and identify problems.
Is there any commitment if I sign up?
SEMCopilot is a monthly subscription; you can cancel at any time.
Does SEMCopilot make changes to my account?
No; SEMCopilot is purely a “read-only” system and does not make any changes to your account. When you “Mark a Campaign for Pausing” it is only in order to obtain a new forecast for your budget. Tasks such as “Pause Campaign” etc are only created as reminders for you to execute the action yourself, in AdWords.
Can I use SEMCopilot with accounts in an MCC?
If you have an MCC, don’t worry, you can use SEMCopilot with the individual accounts in the MCC; you will simply need one SEMCopilot account for each individual account.
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