mobile query exclusions

Recently, Google Ads had some changes that make it more difficult to exclude mobile traffic. Many advertisers, particularly B-to-B ones, prefer to completely exclude mobile traffic for performance purposes. Teenagers playing video games for instance may not be the best … Read More

How to Bulk Upload Structured Snippets into Google Adwords

How to Bulk Upload Structured Snippets into Google Ads / Google Adwords Google Ads has various “extensions” you can associate with ads, at the Ad Group or Campaign level.  These are essentially additional elements that show below your ad.  Callout … Read More

Acquisio Interviews our CEO

The folks over at Acquisio have a really interesting series of expert interviews they filmed at SMX West they are putting out now. They spent some time chatting with our CEO Ted Ives about optimizing display campaigns, thoughts on the … Read More

Freelance AdWords Specialists

Freelance AdWords Managers – Where To Find AdWords Management Services

If you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage your own AdWords campaigns, it’s time to ring for help. You have two options; first, you can hire an SEM agency, which has the advantage of bringing multiple people with … Read More

SMX Display Network Panel Discussion

Our CEO Ted Ives spoke recently at the SMX East conference in New York City.   The various SMX Conferences are a great way to get up to speed on what’s happening in the SEM industry, ranging from hearing about Google’s … Read More